PT. Energia Petromitra Indonesia can help you to provide the following valves type to meet your project delivery requirement and specification:

ISV; HS; Virgo; Array Accuseal; YC - 2-PC Cast and 3-PC Forged Trunnion Ball Valves, CS/SS and SS/SS, Floaters
William E. Williams - Carbon & Stainless Cast Steel Gate, Globe, Check Valves, Floating Ball Valves
Calobri/OMB - Forged Alloy, Chrome & Steel Valves
Ladish - Alloy, Chrome & Stainless Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves
ABZ - Butterfly Valves & Controls, Triple Offset, Double Offset, Resilient Seated
Champion - Single Door and Dual Door Wafer Check Valves
FluoroSeal -Plug Valves
Orbinox - Knife Gate Valves
Steamco - Boiler Stop Check Valves
PK/TY - Carbon and Stainless Steel Cast Gate, Globes and Check Valves

Ties through our excellent Principal A&L Valve and Fitting L.P., we also have an extensive inventory of OMB Pressure Seal Bonnet Type Flanged and BWE Gate Valves, Forged SS and CS Gate, Globe and Check Valves, Calobri Forged Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves.

Master Stocking Distributor :

Established in 1999, FR Valve specializes in the design and production of forged steel ball valves (only) for the oil and gas industry, in accordance with International Standards Compliance API 6D and API 6A. FR Valve provides its customers with a wide array of specialized ball valves, including sizes ranging from 2" to 52" and Classes X to Y.

In addition we proud to present our ISV Valve brand manufacturer headquartered in Houston TX and we carry the largest inventory of their stock valves in our warehouse. They are on Exxon/Mobil and Chevron's AML, to name a few, and they also have factories in Italy and Czech Republic.

The ISV by MSA Series 3-Piece Trunnion mounted ball valves are a product of the Czech Republic